Europe 02 / Paris

ciarabird-paris-0  so paris.

a status I posted on FB pretty much sums it up: "I think one of the things I like best about Paris is that it has so many buildings, doors and statues in all my favorite shades of green, lined in black white or cream with gold accents. Everywhere."   ciarabird-paris-4   ciarabird-paris-9   Honestly though, it kinda broke my heart. I think I built it up so much from what I've seen that when I was actually there and it rained majority of the time without my lover it just wasn't the experience I'd dreamt about. (unlike amsterdam — which I'll get to later— that I had no expectations for and it was insane).

That said, I do think that Paris was insanely beautiful and romantic and I cannot wait to come back someday with b and an unplanned schedule so we can just stroll and hold hands and make-out like all the other couples. i couldn't get enough of the gold, chipped paint, ornate ceilings, gorgeous marble, strange details.   ciarabird-paris-3a   ciarabird-paris-8   My favorite experiences in Paris: 1. the late afternoon river cruise (+banana/nutella crepes) that turned into a glittering night atop the eiffel tower. 2. getting caught in the rain in the gardens of versailles. 3. wandering through the Louve and accidentally running into a few of my favorite paintings (because i didn't realize/remember thats where they lived). 4. the evening in montmartre. literally was a movie— and certainly one of my favorite places. 5. running into slam productions (after seeing posters all over belleville) and walking out with 2 posters and a shirt gifted by the owner.   ciarabird-paris-10   ciarabird-paris-11   i remember throughout the trip having a hard time staying in the present. everything was so surreal, i kept telling myself this is actually happening right now. this is where i am. it sounds crazy, but it was going by so fast and i was seeing so many different things that it was hard to truly capture each moment and remember the details. and look, now it's over. almost as if the present is the past and the future is the present.   ciarabird-versailles-1   ciarabird-versailles-4   ciarabird-versailles-2   ciarabird-versailles-3   bon voyage.