1  2   I am OBSESSED with Jeanine Hays & Bryan Mason's (of AphroChic) new book, REMIX Decorating with Culture, Objects, and Soul! It's filled with beautiful colors, vibrant well-decorated rooms, a cute dread-head (love em') notes on the culture and more. The typography and layout is great too— which is pretty much how I judge books. These are a few of my favorite spreads..   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   delish.


DSC00530  DSC00533   DSC00534   DSC00541   DSC00544   DSC00545   My favorite feature in the latest issue of elle decor. "For French designer Jean-Louis Denoit, the assignment to create an estate in New Dehli from the ground up was the commision of his dreams. All it took to transform it into reality were ingenuity, patience, and a cadre of Indian craftsmen."


UPDATED: The link to this feature wasn't available online yet, but now you can read the story here.


7-domino  Domino magazine is back!! I know it's been all over the web, but I finally picked up my copy and I'm beyond excited! Domino quit printing my first year in college (basically right after I feel in love with it) and since then I've collected back issues along with their special releases that would pop up every now and then. If you know anything about the back story (Michelle Adams, Lonny, etc.) then you'd understand why I love that its back so much and am so inspired by it's return. Here are a few of my favorite features..   2-domino   2b-domino   Thanks to their uber smart new website you can literally shop straight from the pages and easily pull your favorite pictures from every feature.   4-domino   4b-domino   5-domino   6-domino   6b-domino   The Nate Berkus collaboration feature "True Colors" made by heart stop for a sec. Everything about that apartment mixed with the home of Ali Cayne is 100% me. love. love. love.   Magazine photos by me. Feature photography from Domino.