1DSC00704  DSC00708   Circa 2009, Romance by Chris Craymer is undoubtably one of my favorite photography books. "The 200 page book is a personal project which Chris [had] been working on for several years—an evocative series of photographs capturing moments which perfectly articulate the true meaning of romance. The couples featured in the book are sometimes models, sometimes not, but they are all real couples in varying stages of what Chris has described as "pre mortgage love." The 130 images, some in color, some in black and white, still-life alongside lifestyle, are wistful, lustful, joyful, and most importantly playful—the light, witty touch being an important element in much of Chris's work."

I couldn't think of a more fitting post for today. I just purchased the book a couple months ago and was kinda waiting around to share it. Although B and I have been together for years I feel like we're still in this stage— and once we go past it I think this book will bring back those memories so we never forget.   DSC00707   DSC00709   DSC00712   DSC00714   DSC00715   DSC00718   DSC00720   DSC00721   DSC00723   DSC00724   DSC00726   DSC00728   DSC00733   DSC00736   DSC00739   DSC00742   Happy Valentine's Day!