Europe 06 / Verona Venice & Lido di Jesolo

verona-ciara-bird  Verona wasn't very exciting to me. I only passed through long enough to have some gelato and visit the famous site of Romeo & Juliet. I would love love love to rent a car one day and just drive and drive through Italy at a slow pace. Stopping in small villages, staying longer in some places.

but then we got to venice.   venice-ciara-bird1   i remember having an immediate sense of deja vu which was crazy but exciting as well. In my journal I wrote: When we arrived in Venice [in a water taxi] I thought I was in a movie, everything was so bright and crystal clear. blindingly white marble. STUNNING architecture." It was the most beautiful day and I really couldn't have asked for anything better.   venice-ciara-bird2   I bought my family each a tiny red glass heart that hopefully they'll keep forever, so no matter where we all end up we each have one.

We went on a quick tour with a beautiful local named Marina. She told us she was 100% Venetian, and that that was different than being Italian. It really got me thinking about HOW different the world is. She seemed so normal, but I'm sure if we sat and had a conversation, her lifestyle and upbringing is so incredibly different from what I can probably imagine.   venice-ciara-bird3   We stayed in a small town outside of Venice called, Lido di Jesolo, and although our place wasn't glamorous— the beach view was incredible. Honestly, more beautiful than the south of france.. in a different way.. the night we went out to walk along the water a storm was coming so the clouds were moving fast and the sun was streaming through in that heavenly way. It made me finally understand the tacky colors used in sunset paintings, although it wasn't tacky, it was beautiful. There were little crabs the in the water and you could hear a pretty twinkle sound when the waves crashed over the tiny seashells.   venice-ciara-bird4   Rome in the morning. Until my next installment.