tumblr_md3a6aGFUs1r2buuoo1_1280  Beauty is boring.

I have this crazy obsession with people (women) that have their own definition of style and what's chic.. Especially older women. To me they are the true tastemakers. Completely unaffected by trends. Michèle Lamy, wife & muse of Rick Owens is certainly one of those people. I'd seen pictures of her before, but never knew anything about her or who she was until I read this article via the Manrepeller and now I'm obsessed and just want to know everything.   LAMY1   So so good. Here are my favorite parts from the interview:

Nick Axelrod: Did you always wear black, even as a child? Michèle Lamy: First, I don’t always wear black. I often wear black. As a child, I was in boarding school in the French Alps, and I was in uniform, which was dark navy. I always think of darker things to wear — the eyes have to be brighter than the clothes. There’s something about wearing bright colors that is masking who you are.

NA: Articles always call you a “muse”… ML: Before, this name was making me pissed off...

NA: Why? ML: Because there’s this sense that you’re just there… But then, it’s a word that covers everything in a way.   LAMY2   NA: How do you pick out what you’ll wear in the morning? ML: There are no rules. It’s always tights, a t-shirt, and then something over it. It changes, but it doesn’t change every day. I’ll wear mainly the same thing for three months, and then I change to another jacket. I don’t know. It depends, also, if it’s cold or not.

NA: Why do you have to do the line everyday? ML: That, I don’t know. I don’t know if it was something aesthetic or if, instinctively, I feel more proportionate like this. I don’t know. But I know that I don’t feel good without it.

NA: You inspire a lot of people’s style — people probably tell you that all the time. Are there people who inspire your style? ML: I admire a lot of people that have their own style, but I don’t think… It has to come from you, the way you are. It’s in your head. Like I was telling you, I was very impressed by the older women in Tunisia, North Africa. I admire them. When I look at myself, I think I look like this now. And I like the style of Marlene Dietrich, but I’m not at all [like] Marlene Dietrich. I’m an old soul, and I always try to think that there is no time.

NA: You’re an old soul. But what’s not old is your grill — it’s very modern, very young. ML: Are you crazy? Golden teeth, that’s very old, with the gypsies and everything.

NA: Good point. ML: You are too young!


photos via tumblr