1  thechamberofsecrets-2   thechamberofsecrets-3   thechamberofsecrets-4   thechamberofsecrets-5   thechamberofsecrets-6   thechamberofsecrets-7   thechamberofsecrets-8   thechamberofsecrets-9   thechamberofsecrets-10   thechamberofsecrets-11   My newest book love. The Chamber of Curiosity: Apartment Design and the New Elegance is like having all of my favorite ELLE Decor and AD homes in one book. Since visiting so many different european cities I've been obsessed with seeing whats going on inside of the buildings and how differently (and similarly) people around the world choose to live and decorate.

I was particularly pleased to find many of the homes I've pinned are featured with more images and details so I feel like I will always have them, whereas I occasionally stress over the thought that my pins could and will disappear at some point in the future. oh well haha.