artist-ateliers-6  im obsessed with watching artists work.

i love the movements and the passion on their face that lets you know something intense is going on behind their eyes. or maybe not. maybe they're so lost in their work that its allowing them temporary relief from the world.   artist-ateliers-7   artist-ateliers-5   the studio tour photo shoots are my absolute favorite part of the magazine process & they always leave me aching for more workspace of my own.

i have so many ideas bouncing around at once that i need to have multiple canvases set up so i can do them all at the same time, but also other areas where I can experiment with my collages and other things. I set up a mini workspace in my garage but its still missing that certain je ne sais quoi to get me in there. i realize this is just an excuse but I'm fine with that for now. my art is so deep-rooted into my being and the way i see the world and images and everything that I know whether I work everyday or take a 5 year hiatus it will always be there.   artist-ateliers-4   artist-ateliers-3   artist-ateliers-2   ps— totally crushing on fly art productions. all images from here or here.