idyllic005 Summer Sundays often have a way of turning into those lazy lounge days where I feel perfectly OK doing nothing. It's on these Sundays that I usually drift to that pile of daydreams and bounce them around with b and today was no different. Once he dozed off I began catching up on a few of my favorite { blogs } and came across one that resonated perfectly with my current state:

"There are certain kinds of success most people find easier to quantify. They usually involve better than average salaries, stock options, and benefits. I have none of those, sometimes I allow myself to feel like a loser because of it. Some creative people I know get by this way because they have no other choice. It’s even harder to stay my course knowing I have a corporate resumé to default to if I give up my real dreams again. Trust me, the only thing harder than working over time at a day job for a measly ten vacations days a year is to wake up every morning and realize you are the only captain of your ship. You can stay in bed all day wondering if you’re really as brave as you thought. I would be lying if I did not admit I struggle almost every to get out of bed for that very reason. There is no timesheet, no punch card to clock in or out, and confidence or sense of certainty a “think positive” infographic on Pinterest can instill in you. Even so, you have to get out of bed and do the best you know how and just have faith. 2014 has been infinitely more challenging on an emotional level than I thought, doubt seems to be a strong theme. But the only thing I’m more afraid of than being lost or having “failed” by the end of this year is not living the life I really want to live. That is the state of me. All that to say, I’m doing away with this bullshit one year rule and replacing it with a lifetime."

Read the full post by Haleigh of Making Magique here.

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