nwts woah. hello, hi. it's been over a year since I posted and a billion things have changed in that time. I finally moved back to Los Angeles, worked at a fashion company and joined up with Social Gypsy (lost myself, found myself)— then 6mos later moved BACK to Charlotte, started a magazine, moved in with my guy, got a kitten, started a new job.. and promptly decided to move back to Los Angeles (Spring 2014) to further my design career, have some adventures with the boy and just figure out what the hell I want to do.

I don't plan to post everyday or even regularly, but I figure this is a better place to rant, document my magazine hoarding penchant, post random ratchet rap lyrics (sorry— guilty pleasure), design projects, inspirations and favorite quotes from books I'm reading.. If you're interested I will always be more active on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.. but let's see where this takes us.