“Do you know magic? Can you utter the name of your soul and bring yourself back to light? Can you speak your destiny, create life for yourself from yourself as Temu created Ra? From the light of your works do you know who you are?”

The History of Creation / Awakening Osiris

There is nothing better than being a free flowing individual without any ties — floating around the world without responsibility.

But there is nothing more divine than consciously co-creating a life and absolutely no way to describe the incredible love and power that comes with pouring yourself into that creation. Helping to define and shape the story of a new soul that chose you for life.

I am cherishing every moment, they’re all happening so fast. I am so excited to show you the world and see it through your eyes, to read you every book in my library and make sure you always know your truth, to help you achieve each idea you dream up.

To show you two people in love, masculine and feminine balance. Two people who if possible, love each other even more because of you.