“I am life rushing on, born from the egg of the world, from the belly of a magic woman, born of my father’s dreams. I am the screech of wind, the rush of falcon wings, talons sharp as knives. I came after you. I stand before you. I am with you always.”

The Speeches: Horus Speaks / Awakening Osiris

one new moon prior I was a mother rising, a mama becoming. surrounded by other divine mama goddesses coming together to spiritually lift me and celebrate this special journey in my life through sacred ritual.

three weeks ago I was laboring, my body naturally experiencing all of the things it was created to do. and finally ascension and pure bliss as my sun was born physically into the world and all of the pain washed away.

yesterday, today, tomorrow. I am blessed beyond anything I could have ever asked for.

heru matisse is here.