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A multi-brand platform for the culture & community;
a sanctuary & ascension for the black experience.

BLKVLG is a beautiful level up for an entire people of creators.

It is an altar for dreams; the communion of imagination, it’s the seed breaking through
with revival after several lifetimes of drought and suppression. It’s an incubator, a journey,
a womb, a community, a lifeline. It’s a Tulsa, a Seneca, a Weeksville, a ‘20s Harlem,
a ‘70s Bronx, all bundled up in one place, one space, one vision.

We are kin and kindred, we vibrate and ascend together.

We are a collective platform, a Garden, an Apple, a Red Pill,
a birthing of the future of magical black togetherness.

An ode to Bv

Launched on the path towards my awakening, when I deeply craved to give birth.
On a solar eclipse in leo. A lotus blooming in the night of day, only open for a moment,
a powerful manifestation that required complete destruction to come to be.

Tua ntr @blkvlg

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Black Villagers are of African lineage, of creative spirit, rooted in soul feelings, with a desire to connect to something more, deeper, bigger. They have soul & skill. They have magic & madness. They have good vibes and a desire to vibrate higher. They are creative cousins, kindreds. They gather and fellowship at Black Village events, retreats and travel; their stories are in the publication; their businesses thrive with the agency help; their products are curated in the traveling market; and some of their business endeavors are depicted and shared in the collective. 

Aligned with the Solar Eclipse of 2017, Black Village was founded in passion, purpose,
culture, good vibes, old school black folk togetherness, African kola nuts, and shea butters
by nicole camack & ciara bird.


We are a collective, a group, a village, with:

curated, printed volumes of beautiful, poignant psalms and stories of creators

a migrating market of select and exclusive created, curated, and collaborated pieces

vibe sessions to commune and gather together as a small community
to share, laugh, inspire, and levitate our thinking

a multi-faceted agency with creative and business development services

sojourns of discovery and bonding for the mind, body, and soul by way of short,
meaningful travel trips and retreats

an altar for creation, as a black-owned membership collective curated
on vibes of dope black people black peopling

an intimate connection and creation of sanctuaries to host and explore expressions
and conversations important to the soul of the community


IV is the song of the caged bird, the bronzed kiss of the sun, carrying a psalm of creators, and illuminating the beauty that exists already. The lineage of storytelling, and the souls pollinating each other, has grown deep like the rivers – long and proud, evergreen and ever present, like the weaving of the ivy.

Ivies grow in the harshest of environments, just like the beautiful psalms and stories standing the tests of time and struggle. Like an I.V. filled with nourishments of our ancestor’s sweat and tears, these stories are the lifeline to the essence of creators everywhere, an escape, a sanctuary, an awakening, the hieroglyphics on the walls of our hearts and souls. IV’s raw otherworldliness exists between the villages of Woke and Wakanda.

It’s a documented snapshot in time, budding in the deepest most passionate curiosities of our own Paradise Lost, IV.



Cheap.Vacation is a migrating market of select and exclusive created, curated, and collaborated pieces that speak to the spirit of the village. It is the offerings, the altar of like-minded black creators and creatives, showcased in a great migrating market within pop-up shops, vending, and online.

This includes creative sacraments of published works, candles, oils, cards, planners, totes, offerings from around the world, art prints, t-shirts, and more, handmade and crafted with love and soul. This is the Underground Railroad for products slaved over, the labors of love. It’s the shortest path to liberation. It’s pieces to transfer your mind and spirit, souveniring and manifesting your entire essence at that moment in time. 

We are open to partnering, collaborating, and creating with like-vibed events and creators.


Harambee (Swahili, noun): let us all pull together

Our haram.bee sessions are the bringing together of people, a vibe session where we commune and gather together as a small community to share, laugh, inspire, and levitate our thinking, dipped in that old school soul vibe, and doused with the oils of our natural essence.

It’s a family gathering, a village fellowship. It can manifest into: live art, poetry, music or plays; music listening parties; home-cooked potlucks; wine and food tastings; movie screenings and discussion; networking opportunities; knowledge drop sessions; game nights; state of the culture discussions; and more. 

In the spirit of harambee and as importance as saving the bees is to saving our planet, is the collective black spirit to saving our communities, our happiness, our vibes, our futures – even as forbidden or unlikely as it may seem in the current climate and environment.

We are open to collaborating with like-vibed brands. 


We are a multi-faceted agency with creative and business development services,
propelled by clients who share our passion for authenticity, community, creativity, and culture.

Whether it’s a festival, panel event, pop-up shop, creative need, or collaboration,
let’s start a conversation.

consulting / marketing / content creation


This is your kin, your blood, your creative kindreds – collected. These are Sunday soul food dinners, HBCU yards, soul train lines, black church choirs, Tulsa, ‘20s Harlem – a coming together of like minds to better each other – all bundled up into a collective.

This is an altar for creation across the spectrum to come together – a manifestation of a phone book and a marketplace – every thing a village would need to thrive. It’s also connection and appreciation – a group of helping hands, people to call on, a ‘we all we got’ southern hospitality mentality, building connections and filling in gaps with each others’ specialties.

This is a black-owned membership curated on vibes, of dope black people
black peopling, complete with curated monthly gifts.


A ‘feel.trip’ is a sojourn for the mind, body, and soul. This is a feeling, a ‘trip’ – like a high, a euphoria that you get from one of our sojourns that your soul has been stirring for. These will captivate the catalyst raging in your genes, and transport you in our Mecca of creative stardust for black dopeness, wokeness, wander, and electric energy. 

This is the salvation from broken promises of an America we can’t even get justice in, baptized in black folk magic, coconut oils, and the tears of our ancestors whose only travel stories wrought a complete and utter rape of entire generations for a few bundles of cotton, tobacco, and some damn sugar. We reach these elevated states of euphoria through: 


Like repotting a flower into a garden, or releasing a caged animal into the wild, explore a revival of your true black, creative self. The 8-day travel retreats are only to places with special ties, meaning and offering to black folk. It’s what a family vacation would look like with like-vibed black creatives, traveling together and becoming a small village.


Like a spa day for your soul, these retreats are an exploration and discovery, focusing on the blossoming of the spirit with yoga, wellness, and creation.