temple / matrilineal.


My womb, my waters, my spirit, contains everything that is to come.

As my belly grows, my focus is on organization. Cleansing and building my temple, my sacred spaces. My altars, my art space, my reading space, my ritual space, my creating space, my kitchen, my love nest.

I have all these ideas, all this passion and purpose but without returning to organization there will only continue to be chaos and it is essential that I come back to myself.

The way has been opened.

From the beginning, Khamitic cosmology was Maatical (balanced). It taught of NTR, a Mother/Father Creator. The NTRU (Divine Attributes) were likewise feminine and masculine, for example, Ptah/Sekhmet, Amun-Ra/Mut, Tehuti/Maat, Ast/Asar. This way of viewing the Divine that filtered down into everyday life was Maatriarchal. — Queen Afua / Sacred Woman

Marriage is a way for spirit to bring its support for two people into one greater energy. It brings together two or many lines of ancestors, two cultures, and many different ways of looking at the world.

Marriage is two souls coming into one soul — still distinct, but forming one entity. It is a way of bringing two people's gifts together in order to strengthen them and make them even better.

If two people who are married do not acknowledge that they have a higher purpose to fulfill, and limit their marriage to just having children, they put their purpose to sleep. When children finally arrive, the parents realize that there is something that they haven't been able to fulfill, and they hope their children will fulfill it for them. This puts all the expectations of the parents onto the child, and it doesn't give the child a chance to actually take his own purpose into his hands. — Sobonfu Somé / The Spirit of Intimacy