A reflection on my year.

I rise and greet nut. Her velvety depth covers us infinitely.
Each night I become nut and lay over geb, the earth. my sign. my sun, my love.

We traveled to Bali in January, the trip was too short and felt like a dream.
Over in the blink of an eye.

I’ve collected more crystals than I can really count.
and our home is sprinkled with baby items and signs of our 4mos son.

Over the summer my grandma sent a box of her old Christmas ornaments.
I used them on our tree this year, but I felt sad. Like I was hurting the branches.

Shortly after we moved into our current home, while running my bath I realized the toilet (empty)
was overflowing and wouldn’t stop. We were up until about 4am and had to have our carpet redone.

A few days later my manicurist told me that was good luck and the water was a sign of abundance coming our way.

This has been happening more recently, people are drawn to heru but I think he also makes me more approachable too.
My sister and I met a SW during a wellness summit that we attended unexpectedly and were instantly connected.
She had lots of gems to share, some for me and some for my sister.
Opening to Spirit was the takeaway.

The last full moon of the year, I lead the meditation and card reading at a circle I started attending while I was pregnant.
The moon was enormous that night.
I only only expecting a few girls and there were close to 25.

So many days. I take heru everywhere with me, it’s always an adventure.
Perhaps the day we spent at new moms class, listening to birth stories, then ending up at KSI
Or the one with my sister, picking up oils, stopping by MM, getting soul food and visiting ION

I was never really truly alone this year. Most of the year I spent carrying my sun inside and the rest I spent carrying him outside.
These days I cherish my bath time, I go all out. Candles crystals herbs music oils books etc.
the space transforms into my sanctuary and at least for that hour I am alone with myself.

I really attracted a new tribe this year. I spent the most time with my magikal friend
and she connected me to many in my current circle.

I really pushed myself this year. Outside of the numerous digital projects, I began to create for me again.
Painting, collaging, writing, making. Pouring candles, making tea. Everything became a creative ritual.

My mother rising was perfect beyond words. It was everything I needed and
I will cherish that night and those women who held space for me forever.

So many flights.
Every time I look at the moon.
Standing in front of the ocean.
Hiking and seeing hikers on the other side.

Carrying my child.
Giving birth.

Moving from uptown
Giving birth
Releasing toxic relationships
Making SW a lifestyle

this list is long, but the same.
It’s always the same end goal.

I need to get better at throwing things away seriously.
I’m low key a horder pretending to be a minimalist.
But at least it’s curated right?

I am grateful for all the people rooting for me, loving and nurturing me.
My doula, my mom, my sister, my circle. The opportunities being presented,
my hands for creating, my breasts for feeding my sun, my womb for carrying
and then releasing him. And for my entire being, birth is insane and I did it.

Since starting SW in October we hear a different story each week, the sisters share their stories,
contemporaries and elders that are experts within each space, share their stories.
This year has been all about learning. About awakening Osiris. About birthing Heru. About ascension. 

While pregnant I attended an opening at the new gallery of modern art.
It was cool to see familiar faces, but felt a little surreal.
The woman who curated the show was a featured artist in four years back.
Let them sleep.

There was a pretty incredible performance art piece as well.
That was powerful. I met her in the bathroom before it started and now follow her on IG lol.

I do everything my way.

the truth. High level consciousness.
So many lectures, endless books.
The rabbit hole of tumblr.


this image lead me here and onto this beautiful path.
the moon lists is what i’ve been searching for. thank you.