I float among the days in peace, content. Not part of the world, the world is all the parts of me. I open toward the light and lift myself to the gods on the perfume of prayer. I ask for nothing beyond myself. I own everything I need. I am content in the company of god, a prayer that contains its own answer. I am the the lotus. As if from a dream, I wake up laughing. — Becoming the Lotus / Awakening Osiris

i shall not forget my becoming.

2 moons ago i was a mama rising.

now i am here.

back on my path.

preparing to ascend.

i am the blue lotus rising.

Nut is the cosmic womb — the Sky Mother of Heaven who births all fiery orbs — stars, planets, constellations. Nut “swallows” the Sun each evening and rebirths it each morning. Nut is your brain, where ideas are processed, giving birth to action. Geb, the Earth NTRU, is consort to Nut. — Sacred Woman / Queen Afua

Before Nut there was only Nun.

The original ocean of chaos that contained the beginning of everything to come.