dreams. dreams. all are dreams.

I am a great, yellow, stalking cat — mesmerizer, healer, companion — tender and fierce, a beast of fur that blinks. I know what I know in my body. I lick the dust from my kittens. I am everywhere alert and at ease. I wait in the moment, no longer flesh and fur, but the face of a thing that waits, patient and anonymous as stone. The air is my skin and can not divide heaven from you, you from me, me from myself. We are two eyes aligned in a single vision. I am cat: pounce, paws and all. I am Mau, what I call myself. I am sun and dust, whiskers, milk, and fur. — The Family / Awakening Osiris

“His eyes are yours, his ears are yours, his nose is yours, only your mouth has a cleverer tongue. The day that you give birth to his heart in your heart, he will be god in you.”

“No one has ever spoken to me like you. Is it true what you are telling me?” — The First Day / Her-Bak

What was hidden has been revealed. It is myself I see and a thousand colors swirling in liquid light. I am where the sun sets below the mountains. I am in this body. I am that star rising above clouds hung by a thread from its ocean moon.

I have come home. I have entered humanhood, bound to rocks and plants, men and women, rivers and sky. I shall be with you in this and other worlds. When the cat arches in the doorway, think of me. I have sometimes been like that. When two sisters greet each other in the street, I am there speaking to you. When you look up, know I am there— sun and moon pouring my love around you. All these things am I, portents, images, signs. Though apart, I am a part of you. One of the million things in the universe, I am the universe, too. You think I disguise myself as rivers and trees simply to confuse you? Whatever I am, woman, cat or lotus, the same god breathes in every body. You and I together are a single creation. Neither death nor spite nor fear nor ignorance stops my love for you.

I am the sojourner destined to walk a thousand years until I arrive at myself. — Hymn to Osiris / Awakening Osiris