I spent the weekend in yogaville, virginia for a women’s healing retreat — FINDING YOUR FREE — hosted by a friend I met in thailand and a group of 8 other magical women. It was a powerful restorative self-loving experience. 

I had all these ideas for what I wanted to get accomplished over the weekend, getting organized, gaining clarity on projects and new connections, but the divine had different plans in mind. I was able to surrender and cut ties from a lot of things that I knew I was suppressing and holding onto, but hadn’t realized were affecting me so deeply. 


I will always cherish this weekend and the chain of events that will soon transpire from here. One of the more immediate take aways was being introduced to SACRED WOMAN by Queen Afua. I kept wondering how I had never heard of this book or Queen Afua before now, but things like this always have a way of finding you just when you need them to. The Alchemist and Women Who Run with the Wolves were two other books shared over the weekend, both I read years ago and they helped me immensely at the time… I have that feeling again now and look forward to letting this unfold.